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Re: [pygame] Re: Request for pygame new website project on GSoC

2009/3/31 Orcun Avsar <orc.avs@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Right,
> Sharing design ideas with community can be very good. Actually i
> didn't mention design at first because i almost like the design of
> current site. So what was in my mind was a smilar design. But general
> thought is more important at this point.I think its early to specify a
> design model because it not a subject to say something about in a
> flash. We can discuss and share our design ideas when project starts
> and ask pygamer volunteers to help for the look and feel of the site.
> I also forgot to mention testing. Im going to write tests for project
> via doctest and unittest when midterm and deadline aproaches. Django
> has good tools for testing. even a testclient that makes fake requests
> for view testings.

Yeah, cool.  I kind of like it too.  It needs a few improvements
though ( like being more readable in 800x600, and alternating colors
in the menu items).

Your proposal is looking good.

Note, that there's two others who are applying for the same project...
so it could be good to submit a separate proposal if you want a better
chance of being accepted (since you can't all work on the same one).
Definitely submit your proposal though regardless of if you want to
submit another one.