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Re: [pygame] Request for pygame new website project on GSoC


orcun avsar wrote:
Im glad you're interested in my participation. I tried to write in a
explanatory way. So it's a little long i think or maybe boring.  Im
looking forward to your thoughts.


About Project
  Snippets: Sometimes users may want to submit a code block or a
snippet (not a project) to show how a job is done. Snippets module
will help users to share their codes.

  Syntax highlighting: Pygments is a module for syntax highlighting
that i plan to use for documentation,wiki,snippets and comments.

This is one area that needs improvement on the current site. For instance the wiki will not display a "<" in a highlighted code snippet using <code> blocks. It gets replaced with the "&lt;" entity. If there is a way around this in the current wiki it is unclear and undocumented.

Rss/Atom feeds: for wiki and/or new projects.
This would be nice.

  Browser compatibility : I will test new design with all popular
browsers (IE, Firefox,Opera,Safari,Google Chrome, NetScape) and put
the design into css/html/js standards.
Does anyone still use Netscape?

Lenard Lindstrom