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[pygame] Clarification on GSoC project ideas

Hi all,

I am a former participant in Google Summer of Code (for Eclipse). I
have done lots of work in Ruby on Rails, C, Python, and Java. I would
like to participate in GSoC with pygame because my Ph.D. thesis work
is starting to lean in the area of authoring environments for games.
However, I have never written games with a lot of animation and I need
the experience. Could you please give me clarification on the
following three projects that I'm interested in so I can choose which
to apply for?

- Improved Sprite and Scene System
What aspects of the current system are not suitable for different
kinds of games? I looked at the current sprite documentation and it
sounded very general. I would be interested in creating a sprite
system based on functional reactive animation (e.g.

-Pgreloaded documentation
I would like this project because having to write academic papers
often has improved my writing skills. However, I think the project is
a bit too small. Perhaps, I could expand it to a sphinx-based system
for the existing pygame documentation. Another option would be for me
to write examples with very detailed documentation (using noweb
perhaps: http://www.cs.tufts.edu/~nr/noweb/).

- Pygame Website Rewrite
One of the larger projects I've worked on is a health information
databases (which is essentially a CMS for patients and doctors:
https://www.intermedsonline.com/). I have also looked into different
off-the-shelf CMSes with which to upgrade my custom system. This
experience will help me in porting the site to sthg. like Django.

I hope to hear from you all soon,

Ogechi Nnadi.
IRC handle: onnadi3