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Re: [pygame] Tentative SDL_gfx draw primitives module added to Pygame

On, Wed Mar 25, 2009, Lenard Lindstrom wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have just back ported the Pygame 2 (pyreloaded) SDL_gfx primitives 
> module into Pygame 1.9. It is not built by default. Its Setup.in entry 
> must be uncommented first. It has been linked to SDL_gfx 2.0.18, but 
> only just barely tested.

Great work, Lenard. Unfortunately, SDL_gfx does not use SDL_SetError()
for error indication (in fact it uses return values only), which can
make it a bit harder to track down specific issues with argument passing
and internal error states. That's something, we should take care of
while testing out anything and pass back to the author, so he can
incorporate it into the upstream package.


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