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Re: [pygame] Searching for a mentor

On, Sat Mar 21, 2009, Ivan Popov wrote:

> Hello all!
> Firstly, let me introduce myself - my name is Ivan Popov and I am a
> PhD student in Bioinformatics. However, I have the hobby of writing
> Python programs and as a home project I have created my own RLRPG. You
> can find some information about it on http://artisan.hit.bg.
> I'd like to enter  the Google Summer of Code as a student with one of
> the Pygame projects. Unfortunately the project in question - "Improved
> sprite and scene system" still doesn't have a mentor assigned. Thus I
> am writing to ask if there is anyone willing to be my mentor for the
> project. I haven't used any graphics in a game, so it will be
> interesting to do.

As already written in another mail to a different thread, this just
means, that noone of us explicitly wants to take that task. Some desired
features for the sprite and scene system were discussed earlier [0], so
you might want to read through that thread.
> Conversely, if no mentor is available, I'd like to work on the
> "pgreloaded example suite". I'll be happy to study pgreloaded and
> build a set of helpful examples.

I added some minor notes regarding that task in another thread [1]
already, but will shortly summarise it. The example suite should

 * cover each bit of the pgreloaded Python API with at least one fully
   functional example demonstrating each aspect of the specific method,
   class or library part
 * contain lots of inline code documentation for starters
 * have a good-looking example application that allows beginners to
   browse and execute the existing, small examples. This will fill the
   purpose of being a fully integrated, more complex and advanced
   example, ideally covering multiple aspects of the library at once.

Some complained off-list to me that this sounds like a much too easy
task not worth being three months of work, but it targets explicitly at
beginners, for whom it might be a more than just typing code :-).

[0] http://www.mail-archive.com/pygame-users@xxxxxxxx/msg10912.html
[1] http://www.mail-archive.com/pygame-users@xxxxxxxx/msg10916.html


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