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Re: [pygame] Clarification on GSoC project ideas

On, Thu Mar 26, 2009, Oge wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am a former participant in Google Summer of Code (for Eclipse). I
> have done lots of work in Ruby on Rails, C, Python, and Java. I would
> like to participate in GSoC with pygame because my Ph.D. thesis work
> is starting to lean in the area of authoring environments for games.
> However, I have never written games with a lot of animation and I need
> the experience. Could you please give me clarification on the
> following three projects that I'm interested in so I can choose which
> to apply for?
> - Improved Sprite and Scene System
> What aspects of the current system are not suitable for different
> kinds of games? I looked at the current sprite documentation and it
> sounded very general. I would be interested in creating a sprite
> system based on functional reactive animation (e.g.
> http://www.haskell.org/yampa/).

To keep up with Rene's ideas:

- make it even more general
- slim down anything, remove superfluous base classes
- provide good interfaces to use own algorithms, etc.
- design and implement a good 2D scene system
> -Pgreloaded documentation
> I would like this project because having to write academic papers
> often has improved my writing skills. However, I think the project is
> a bit too small. Perhaps, I could expand it to a sphinx-based system
> for the existing pygame documentation. Another option would be for me
> to write examples with very detailed documentation (using noweb
> perhaps: http://www.cs.tufts.edu/~nr/noweb/).

Different from what's written on the idea list, the documentation task
will have to focus on creating the transformation system instead of
writing docs. The latter one will be done in parallel to test out the
transformation code and anything else required to improve it.

It requires a good and solid XML to reStructuredText and plain text
conversion system that deals with the different requirements of online
documentation, print media (PS/PDF transition using sphinx) and the
builtin python doc strings. 

Additionally, keep in mind that this explicitly targets at beginners, so
that it does not make an easy task for anyone.
> - Pygame Website Rewrite
> One of the larger projects I've worked on is a health information
> databases (which is essentially a CMS for patients and doctors:
> https://www.intermedsonline.com/). I have also looked into different
> off-the-shelf CMSes with which to upgrade my custom system. This
> experience will help me in porting the site to sthg. like Django.

You will have to do a requirements analysis, implement the used features
from the current website system and add new features as Rene already
wrote. You will also have to create a migration plan and to create a
system for moving existing data over to the new site backend.


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