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Re: [pygame] unicode bug at font.c

> Hmm, you know, it would be really neat if I could figure out how to do 
> japanese (or korean even) character display. Do I just need the text in 
> UTF-8, or do I need to specify a certain font? I have several songs I'd 
> like to subtitle in pyDDR.

All I have been doing is:
import codecs
font = pygame.font.Font("MsMincho.ttf",48)
surface = font.render(fh.readline(),1,(255,255,255))

Of course, you can see there is some trouble with this approach:
how do you locate the truetype font system directory (in a xplatform way)? You are not allowed
to distribute copyrighted font with your game unless you draw them yourself.
Actually I imagine everybody has the same trouble even for standard fonts
like Helvetica or Arial... What is the recommended approach for locating
fonts in the system?


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