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Re: [pygame] Synthesised sound

>>>>> "Pete" == Pete Shinners <pete@shinners.org> writes:

    >> The equivalent for audio is not so clear. I would like to be
    >> able to do audio synthesis and/or processing in my application
    >> (e.g, doppler shifting). Can anyone point me in the right
    >> direction.

    Pete> your best bet will be to use Numeric to create and alter
    Pete> sounds. there are no real examples of this currently, but if
    Pete> you understand how sound works it should not be difficult to
    Pete> start playing with it.

    Pete> for example, to create a solid tone sound you would do
    Pete> something like this..

    Pete>      import Numeric, pygame pygame.init()

    Pete>      tone_array = Numeric.arange(44100) / 4.0 tone_array =
    Pete> Numeric.sin(tone_array)

    Pete>      tone_sound = pygame.sndarray.make_sound(tone_array)
    Pete> tone_sound.play()

    Pete> once you understand Numeric, it is pretty simple to do
    Pete> simple filters like echo, reverse, and envelopes. pygame
    Pete> already supports stereo panning effects, but something like
    Pete> a doppler shift is going to be tricky.

    Pete> your best bet is to probably have two versions of a sound,
    Pete> high and low pitch, then mix between them. unfortunately it
    Pete> will be a bit tricky to do this "realtime" in the game. the
    Pete> easiest way is to play both sounds at the same time, and
    Pete> tweak the volume on them as the game runs.

One non-Python tool which could be a big help is Csound, with a bunch
of info on csounds.com. It is essentially a software synthesizer,
something like a compiler for sound. You can create audio from
scratch, as well as process samples you already have.

If you can get away with pre-processing your samples, you could use
this to pitch-bend them whichever way you like, so run-time becomes
more an issue of playing back the one you want. The effects don't have
to be linear, you can use a waveform to modulate the effect.
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