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After having just spent a day battling (and sometimes winning) against 
pygame/opengl/pyopengl and a custom opengl extension I'm working on I hit the 
problem that the documented GL_MULTISAMPLEBUFFERS option to gl_set_attribute 
does not seem to exist - this is pygame on windows, version 1.5.6.

Am I just an idiot or is there something missing here?

Also, using the don't-try-this OPENGLBLIT option seems to be less than usefull 
- no actual draws - any ideas here? I need to make major changes to remove my 
blits, and performance is NOT an issue here (1FPS is fine believe it or not!)

I'm about to download 1.6 to check - maybe I'm just lagging behind a bit too 
much here.

However, I must report that now I have  python2.3, pygame, wxpython and  
pyopengl more or less playing the same game, with threads even, without 
throwing too many toys out of the cot - but it's no easy job!