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On Wed, 05 Nov 2003 19:19, Rene Dudfield wrote:
> I think 1.6 has the GL_MULTISAMPLEBUFFERS stuff.  It didn't make it in
> until the latest sdl release.

Yes, it would appear that is it in 1.6 - silly me for thinking it was a 
trivial update - always good to be surprised! not that it seems to do much as 
yet, but my code almost certainly needs some tuning.

> Some people have been trying to get wxpython and pygame working, I'm
> sure they'd be happy to hear how you did it :)

Well, I cheat a little - my pygame windows is NOT embedded in the WX windows, 
but allowed to start seperately, and that makes things work a LOT better - it 
causes no problems in my app. 

I have noticed that if I use the pygame events system (calling pump(), etc...) 
it will randomly get 'stuck' internally, so at present I avoid that - again 
since I mainly use it as a display canvas this works well.

Other than those two it just seems to work - nothing special. I keep chasing 
the events problem, but have never tied it down yet.

> OPENGLBLIT is useless don't bother with it.  Check out glSDL, it is a
> little better.

It would be fine for my purposes if it worked - otherwise I will simply resort 
to glWritePixels, which is what I would have thought OPENGLBLIT would use 
anyway. Not all applications require high speed, and it is not worth the code 
overhead of using textured rects for my application (along with the 
associated texture size limitations, etc..)