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Stuart wrote:


After having just spent a day battling (and sometimes winning) against pygame/opengl/pyopengl and a custom opengl extension I'm working on I hit the problem that the documented GL_MULTISAMPLEBUFFERS option to gl_set_attribute does not seem to exist - this is pygame on windows, version 1.5.6.

Am I just an idiot or is there something missing here?

Also, using the don't-try-this OPENGLBLIT option seems to be less than usefull - no actual draws - any ideas here? I need to make major changes to remove my blits, and performance is NOT an issue here (1FPS is fine believe it or not!)

I'm about to download 1.6 to check - maybe I'm just lagging behind a bit too much here.

However, I must report that now I have python2.3, pygame, wxpython and pyopengl more or less playing the same game, with threads even, without throwing too many toys out of the cot - but it's no easy job!


I think 1.6 has the GL_MULTISAMPLEBUFFERS stuff. It didn't make it in until the latest sdl release.

Some people have been trying to get wxpython and pygame working, I'm sure they'd be happy to hear how you did it :)

OPENGLBLIT is useless don't bother with it. Check out glSDL, it is a little better.

Cheers big ears.