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[pygame] Movie module

I am having trouble playing a mpg using the python movie module.

I am using RedHat 9 and pygame 1.5.6 and python 2.2

When I make the movie.play() call the first frame shows on my screen for a 
second, then it's gone.  If I move another window over part of the pygame 
window (and keep moving it around), the movie shows up and it's playing 
normally.  But when I stop moving the window over top my pygame window, the 
movie disappears.  It seems like some sort of buffering problem or something.

If you followed any of that, here's what is really bothering me:  the program 
works fine when I run it on my redhat 7.3 machine.  And it works if I ssh 
into the redhat 9 machine and run the program remotely (so the movie is 
played on my RH7.3 screen)  But if I run it on the RH 9 machine I can't see 
the movie.  So is this an X version problem or what?

Any suggestions, help, ideas?