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Re: [pygame] pygame.mixer?

Although other parts of pygame seem to work, I can't seem to access pygame.mixer on the Mac. I would think this means this component of SDL isn't installed, but in PackageManager, sdl_pygame_deps-1.2.5-binary shows as "yes" (installed). Also, I see there is a \Library\Frameworks\SDL_mixer.framework on my hard-disk.
When did you install that? I could've sworn I fixed that before I stopped supporting 10.2.
Within the last 2 weeks.

Anyhow, if it's still broken, then you need to either upgrade to 10.3 and install from my 10.3 repository, compile/install libvorbis yourself (http://vorbis.com), or find a SDL_mixer (http://libsdl.org/) that's not dynamically linked to a version of ogg vorbis.

Thank you very much for the information, Bob. If OS 10.3 is the platform that's currently being supported, the best of these three options seems to purchase 10.3, so I've just placed an order with Amazon.com. Has anybody posted any steps out there about how one should upgrade Python/Pygame when going to 10.3? Doesn't 10.3 include the latest Python also? Should I remove anything (Python/Pygame) first? Will Pygame install over-install everything?