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Re: [pygame] Update PyGame website?

I'm not volunteering to program a CMS out of python, or even to learn a new CMS out of the ones I already know. But I like PyGame and think that there needs to be a better reference site out there for it. Hopefully no one will be insulted by my working on this one. 

 Are you all really sure that do you want to reinvent the wheel and program a CMS having lots of CMSs already working and available, with spam control, plugins, support communities, etc???

 I think you should focus on PYGAME WEBSITE CONTENTS, not on the pygame website itself.

 Yes, it would be nice to have it coded under Python, but it will take months, possible bugs, lot of work, lot of effort, etc etc and maybe it's better to put all this work on reorganize contents, enhance documentation, etc etc etc.

 Just my 2 cents.

Santiago Romero
Ubuntu GNU/Linux