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[pygame] Sounds not playing correctly

(I sent this earlier, but I'm pretty sure I wasn't subscribed and I
didn't notice this, so here it is again. If this is actually a
duplicate, I apologize.)

Someone might have seen me on IRC earlier asking about this.
Obviously, I'm still stuck.

Here is my program packaged with the sounds I'm using (license info is
incomplete, by the way; the sounds are under CC BY 3.0 and are from


So basically, the sounds aren't playing correctly. Instead, I'm
getting this muffled, quiet sort of popping sound. This happens on
both Trisquel GNU/Linux and Windows.

I've tried changing all of the sound settings with
pygame.mixer.pre_init, but there is no effect on the sound (buffer
size affects how far apart the sounds are, but that's it). I also
tried using Audacity to change the sounds' frequency to 22050 (which
is what is in that Zip file), and there is no effect.

Does anyone have any other ideas? This is rather frustrating because
this program is pretty much ready to be distributed; all that's needed
now is some missing documentation and a fix for this problem.

Someone on IRC suggested PyAudio, and I took a look, but I don't
really understand how to use it. I'm also not really too fond of the
idea of adding a second dependency to such a small program.