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Re: [school-discuss] email client for children?

We use Squirelmail (http://www.squirrelmail.org/) on the server from
Year 3 (ie 7 years old) upwards. Not sure how good the 5 year olds would
be at typing, or indeed reading, e-mails, but why not. What's more, as
it's webbased they can use it from home too.

Out of the box, it's not that stunning visually, but it's not too bad to
customize, and you can even buy (or commission?) theme packs - see

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
> Any suggestions for an email client for young children (like ages 5 to 
> 10)?
> My wish list:
> - huge icons
> - very little features
> - very few menus
> - very few choices
> - looks interesting and fun (to a five-year-old)
> - can render HTML
> - POP3 and local mailboxes and maybe IMAP
> - not too many dependencies
> I have tested and tried many email clients and kmail is probably the 
> closest to ease-of-use for kids, but maybe too many dependencies for me. 
> gtkmail or sylpheed or lighter.
> sylpheed has a very active development. Maybe a front-end it for it that 
> is friendly for children would be a possibility.
>  Jeremy C. Reed

Miles Berry
Deputy Head, St Ives School, Haslemere