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Re: [school-discuss] Applications / Open Source / Clipart

Have a look at http://www.openclipart.org/

Daniel Howard wrote:
> Sharon Betts wrote:
>> Yes, you are on the right track.  Just a note that there is an abundance
>> of free clipart for teachers.  Just do a search on teacher clipart.  That
>> eliminates the step using Inkscape.
>> Sharon
> Ah, but I did that originally, and here's the kind of licensing
> restrictions you run into:
> "Permission to Use Clip Art: Permission is granted to download no more
> than ten different clip art images for non-revenue-producing use on hard
> copy documents or on Web sites with the following restrictions:
>     * Any reproduction must be unaltered from its original downloaded
> form. This includes, but is not limited to, colorization, cropping, or
> editing.
>     * Any use of clip art images on Web sites must credit
> Discoveryschool.com and include a link to the Discoveryschool.com Web
> site. Credit must read - "Clip art licensed from the Clip Art Gallery on
> DiscoverySchool.com"
> And all of the ones I looked at that way had some kind of restriction.
> They all said 'free clipart'.  This is why I gravitated towards open
> clip art, the spirit of schoolforge after all...  I would much rather
> see teachers be able to generate material that they can in turn donate
> to the public domain for any other teacher to use, than have them use
> content and/or applications that limit what others can do with the
> material they generate.
> Daniel

Miles Berry
Deputy Head, St Ives School, Haslemere