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Re: [school-discuss] Labguages to develop educacional software

The license which covers the tool you develop your flash scripts in, does not extend to the script itself. The script is merely data that is processed by the program, and is solely your property to release as you see fit. The problem you will encounter if you release your flash scripts under the GPL is with the GPL itself. The GPL does not allow covered works to be executed within the address space of a closed source application. The flash plugin for Firefox is a good example of this. If you were to execute your GPL'd flash action script within Firefox, using the Macromedia plugin, you would violate the terms of the GPL.

You may be able to get around this constraint by using an open source flash player such as Gnash: http://www.gnu.org/software/gnash/

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Amilton Martins wrote:
Hello All.
I am a teacher from Univeridade de Passo Fundo - Brazil, and we are developping a Linux Distro that uses Kurumin/Knoppix to make some educational features, named "Kelix - Kit Escola Livre".
We are using the kdeedu softwares and others (GPL), but we are planning to develop our own softwares, in research projects like "Mutirão pela Inclusão Digital" and "Software Livre".

I have a big question:
May I use Macromedia Flash to develop GPL/CC software?
What about compatability licenses?
I have taken a look in mesalib, visualtcl, qt, gtk, alice or others but flash have more features ....

Any idea?

Amilton Martins