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Re: [school-discuss] Applications / Open Source / Clipart

If I can play the Devil's advocate (or maybe not) and speak from the
perspective of Wired magazine, clipart seems to be "expired," scanning
maybe "tired", and (especially for students) drawing it yourself 
"wired".  For biology topics, though, which I teach, there are many
other sources of illustrations to stimulate and communicate (eg
Biodidac).  I might be missing something here, but I hope that
teachers are looking for something more in the use of computers than
using GNU/Linux as a Windoze clone to type handouts with canned clip
art.  Not that there is no value in that, but I think there is more to
what computers can do.  I can use the Gimp to access a scanner through
Xsane, and scan the illustrations (such as a local species of crab)
into Gimp and prepare it to incorporate into a document or for
display.  Google image is also useful.

I have also seen many content-challenged power point presentations,
and teachers crowing about how much their students have been learning.
 This can be done with less damage by using open office.

All this being said, I still struggle trying to find applications that
are useful in the classroom and for lesson/curriculum development.  So
I probably should maintain silence.

Bring on the flames.


On 4/8/06, Sharon Betts <sbetts@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Yes, you are on the right track.  Just a note that there is an abundance
> of free clipart for teachers.  Just do a search on teacher clipart.  That
> eliminates the step using Inkscape.
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