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Re: [school-discuss] Looking for Blogs on Open Source in Education

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Pick me, pick me.

My blogging activities have slowed down a bit in the last 
while, but I focus a lot on this area.


On Tue, 25 Apr 2006 09:01:24 -0700 Steve Hargadon 
<steve.hargadon@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I'm interested in knowing who is blogging on the topic of Free and
> Open Source Software in education, even if it's not the primary focus
> of their blog.  I'm trying to list them on my blog's sidebar, and also to
> capture their FOSS posts and related news stories into a single feed.
> If you are aware of any, could you email them to me?
> My blog:  www.k12opensource.com
> My blog feed:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/K12OpenSource
> Feed for blog postings and news stories on FOSS in education:
> http://feeds.feedburner.com/opensourceposts
> --
> Steve Hargadon
> steve@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> 916-899-1400 direct