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Re: [school-discuss] Applications / Open Source / Clipart

Malc wrote:

--- Sharon Betts <sbetts@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: I guess if
we were using it as a "resource", it would need to be open.

So why not make one! Clip art is fun to make. Ask the kids to design logo's etc and offer them as a free resource. Yahoo and Hotmail started like that! You never know your luck!

The thing that would concern me is teachers using non-open clip art and then submitting derivative work to an open repository. That's why I feel we should make sure the original content is open.

And I definitely like Malc's suggestion of kids designing them and submitting. With Inkscape, they can save in both .svg and .png formats.

The other thing kids love to do is design icons and cursors. I've seen kids (including mine) spend hours at home designing animated cursors, it just seems to be too much fun, especially after they install them and use them and see how *they* changed the computer interface with their own creation, not just selecting from someone else's list. And designing cursors really gets them their first notion of quantization effects when you magnify a cursor to edit it.

BTW, I joined the OpenClipArt email list, and a recent posting suggested that the Ubuntu distro *can* read .svg clip art. I'm trying to get clarification of that for this list, stay tuned.