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Re: [school-discuss] first programming language

On Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 05:14:36PM -0400, Michael Surran wrote:
> Python using pygame modules - I taught it for years to 8th
> graders (now it is a 9th grade class). Fun, easy to learn, yet
> very powerful (OO programming for those who outgrow procedural).

Not that really, OO is roughly as bad and inconsistent as in Java.
Let's say that Ruby is way more elegant and consistent in that aspect.

> Kids love graphics!

Indeed :-)  MSX BASIC was just great for that kind back then.

PS: if anyone would put down python where it's really nice, 
I'd try to make a correction just as well.  Credit where credit
is due, just every little thing like that is limited again.
And hitting the limits, especially architectural, is a pain.

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