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Re: [school-discuss] Hello and Re: first programming language

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 05:47:59PM -0600, Charles Coss? wrote:
> > Poor boy.


> > I really tried to use python with enough curiousity
> > and probably some passion but that failed miserably.
> > First I thought it was my fault, now I know it wasn't.
> What does that mean? Python's fault, or the boy's?

Python's (the alternative was "mine", and it was presumed
for a few more years).

But then I'm also blaming Java and C++ for being broken by design
*now*, and I would definitely not dare to do so back when my head
hurt while trying to grok these. :)

Of course there are loads of useful software written in all of
these indus-trial languages, and I'm using some of that as well...

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