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Re: [school-discuss] Looking for Equation Editors for Linux

OpenOffice Equation Editor does a pretty good job. I have some issues a
few years ago (prior to version 2) with matrix layouts breaking but that
seems to have been fixed. Se here for a getting started document

http://asciimathml.sourceforge.net/ will allow putting equations on a
web page

The best looking math equations are built using LaTex. Unfortunately,
LaTex has a rather steep learning curve. There are many tools to help
make it easier and provide a gui front-end. If the students are doing
math higher than integral calculus, LaTex is the best tool. 

http://thrysoee.dk/laeqed/ is a java app that helps make LaTex equations
http://rlehy.free.fr/ is another that can import into OpenOffice as eps
http://www.lyx.org/ is a solid tool with multi-platform builds
available. It can do much more than just equation editing for LaTex. It
can handle full document processing (it is NOT a word processor! You
actually build a series of files that are compiled with LaTex to produce
a typeset quality output - it's what LaTex does).
http://www.texmacs.org/ is very easy and does an excellent job.

On Thu, 2008-08-14 at 07:54 +0700, David M. Bucknell wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> I have had a request from teachers of mathematicas for a replacement  
> for MS Equation Editor.
> Among the offerings I´ve been looking at are:  
> http://www.cs.mcgill.ca/~abatko/gnu/migration/www.sot.com/en/migration/migration.shtml
> I´ve also downloaded (because I didn´t read carefully) Math Cast -- win only.
> I´ve downloaded MathEQ from MIT (30 day trial).
> Looks like Open Office Math is worth learning?
> Also Amaya?
> Anyone with experience regarding the most fruitful choice on which to  
> spend time?
> Many thanks in advance,
> David
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