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Re: [school-discuss] Recommended remote linux client admin tools?

SSH - with ssh-agent keys allows you to write scripts that can automate commands accross boxes.  Once you start using the linux command line you will find it is a large-magnitude faster than clicking through GUI applications - plus you can script/automate.

CSSH - cluster ssh - works well with fluxbox window manager - allows you to connect to many ssh servers at once - type commands and they appear on all servers.  Ability to watch output of commands and click on individual screens that are not working.  Also helps having multi-monitor-desktop setup with this.

NoMachine NX (FreeNX) - better compression/responce than VNC

Diskless - run many computers off of one centralized server.  Clients mount their / /home file systems off of the main server.
 * update a package centrally and all machines get updated.
 * backups are central.
 * improved centralized RAID.
 * ability to grow the number inexpensive clients/hardware - e.g. quickly add linux desktops/labs; quickly add more dansguardian/proxy nodes to load balance; quickly add more apache web server nodes; etc.

----- "David Bucknell" <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Schoolforgers,
> If you are successfully using a remote admin tool to install software
> on linux clients, can you share its name/url with me/us?
> The clients are using various versions of Fedora, but don't let that
> limit your responses.
> I'm trying out versions of VNC.
> Thank you for any pointers / experience you can share.
> David Bucknell
> NOTE: I sent this yesterday, but didn't see it.  If you already got
> it, and want to ignore it, that's fine.  I just want to see proof
> that
> I sent it to the right place. ;-)
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