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Re: [school-discuss] Poll for interest New Project

Tom Stuart wrote:
With the modern work environment most parents are
in front of a computer for the day.As a result many
schools have introduced emails to their parents. With this in mind, I am looking at developing a new
eBooking system for school events such as Parents
Evening etc and wondered what the interest would be
like (I am a software engineer myself).I intend on
making this freeware but before starting I wanted
to know what the interest was like. Thanks

Hi Tom,
This _could_ be a good idea. Freeware? Why not work
under a good license like some GPL?

Please make it as module so that it can be integrated
in a CMS or some other application. And please make it LAMP and easy translatable for a wide usability.

We (Website@School, http://websiteatschool.eu, manual
http://wyxs.net/web/was/) would love to have such a
module and would love to discuss features with you.
Kind regards,
Dirk Schouten
Public Primary School Rosa Boekdrukker, Amsterdam, the