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Re: [school-discuss] Poll for interest New Project


The idea of eBooking would be like that of a "resource booking" or reserving the use of rooms, facilities and equipment?

If so, SchoolTool is an Open Source SIS written in Python that has that ability.


Tom Hoffman would be the best contact there, I think.

However, a resource booking feature that we have discussed, and which has been requested for the Open Source SIS project I work with called DART (Data Analysis and Reporting Toolkit). It is set up to server entire school districts as well as individual schools.

I've been trying to add the DART project to SchoolForge...but have not gotten an answer to my emails so far. The last time I checked (this morning) we were not on the SchoolForge list of SIS projects.

DART is a PHP/MySQL system under the GNU/GPL license, but not sure what languages you work with or prefer. The latest project code was done with assistance from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) programmers and was just uploaded a few weeks ago. Missouri State graduate students are currently doing documentation and screencasts for installation and use.

Our group would certainly welcome help in adding that ability as a "module" that could be turned on or off for users of DART, and our project is located here:


Updated info about DART, and a link to our demo server:




 With this in mind, I am looking at developing a new eBooking system for
 >> school events such as Parents Evening etc and wondered what the interest
 would be like (I am a software engineer myself).
 I intend on making this freeware but before starting I wanted to know what
 the interest was like.


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