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Re: [school-discuss] CAL Computer Assisted Learning

Le 28/08/2015 16:04, Marc Stephan Nkouly a Ãcrit :
> Please wish to know if anyone can provide some informations about .
> I wish to set a Computer Learning & Information Center in Cameroon,
> Africa.
> Am open and ready to answer any questions.
> Thanks

Hi Marc,

If you read French, and I guess you do, you may want to check regarding
general information on  free software and resources:

* http://framasoft.org/

And for workstation installation in a computer center dedicated to
learning, you can check:
* http://www.abuledu.org/abuledu/monoposte
* https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/

Best wishes of success for your project.


Dr. Geo

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