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[school-discuss] RE: [Ossi] Government Open Code Collaborative


When I first learned of GOCC.gov a year or so ago, I thought "great, this is
exactly what I've been trying to accomplish with my Alternate Route
Project". I went to join up and participate in a community with more muscle
and backing then my little one man show. Then the reality hit... the idea of
having to find an authorized representative in my agency to enter into a
membership agreement just so I could contribute free software to the cause
turned me off so fast that I haven't given them a second thought. 

I agree with your assessment 100%.

Richard Brice, PE
Software Applications Engineer
Washington State DOT, Bridge and Structures Office

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This article starts off singing the praises of GOCC.gov, then reminds
the reader: you discover that it has built one more bureaucracy to
oversee its existing bureaucracy, with oversight over the new

It looked like a good idea at first. My original reservation about
walling itself off looks like a prophecy. A bunch of bureaucrats
contemplating their navels. Prisoners running the asylum?


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