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Re: [school-discuss] RE: [Ossi] Government Open Code Collaborative

Richard - that's the point. Plenty of software exists. But, the system
that so willfully took over Government Forge creates barriers to the
accomplishment of anything useful.

On Fri, 2004-12-03 at 18:21, Brice, Richard wrote:
> Tom,
> When I first learned of GOCC.gov a year or so ago, I thought "great, this is
> exactly what I've been trying to accomplish with my Alternate Route
> Project". I went to join up and participate in a community with more muscle
> and backing then my little one man show. Then the reality hit... the idea of
> having to find an authorized representative in my agency to enter into a
> membership agreement just so I could contribute free software to the cause
> turned me off so fast that I haven't given them a second thought. 
> I agree with your assessment 100%.
> Richard Brice, PE
> Software Applications Engineer
> Washington State DOT, Bridge and Structures Office
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> This article starts off singing the praises of GOCC.gov, then reminds
> the reader: you discover that it has built one more bureaucracy to
> oversee its existing bureaucracy, with oversight over the new
> bureaucracy.
> It looked like a good idea at first. My original reservation about
> walling itself off looks like a prophecy. A bunch of bureaucrats
> contemplating their navels. Prisoners running the asylum?
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7932
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