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Re: [school-discuss] Developer Requesting Feedback Please

On 12/4/07, reed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <reed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Mon, 3 Dec 2007, Brian Pratt wrote:
> > I would appreciate some feedback from those who are willing to give
> > it.  I am wondering if my website and software would be a good
> > candidate for the open source school community.
> >
> > The site is designed to make multiple choice questions fun through
> > exploration and discovery. The concept is called "Edventure Maze" and
> This sounds interesting.
> I went to your website and was unable to find the open source downloads.
> What is the URL?
> Also I didn't test the demos at this time.
> Please consider generating mazes using dynamic SVG.

Thanks for the reply.

The code isn't currently open sourced.  I was hoping to get some
feedback from this discussion group as to the advantages and
disadvantages of making such educational games open source (I am new
to the idea).  I would also like to get a feel for how well my website
would fit in with the open source community and assess the benefits.

Thanks for the suggestion on dynamic SVG.  Do you know how prolific
dynamic SVG players are?