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Re: [school-discuss] Developer Requesting Feedback Please

Hi Brian,

On Dec 4, 2007 10:51 PM, Brian Pratt <fatpratt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The code isn't currently open sourced.  I was hoping to get some
feedback from this discussion group as to the advantages and
disadvantages of making such educational games open source (I am new
to the idea).

All licensing issues are super-simplified if you are just giving stuff away, basically.  Then might as well  just use the GPL-v2.  And, if you are just giving something away, then one advantage to making it opensource is that you can use all these great toolkits and not have to worry about licensing headaches.
 I would also like to get a feel for how well my website
would fit in with the open source community and assess the benefits.

What's the story on that video window on your game? ie what software is that?  or, is that what you would make opensource?  I thought it was pretty slick, whatever it was. 

A friend once told me, and i've never found an exception: The Best Software is Free.


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