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Re: [school-discuss] Educational Killer App for OpenSource


I like the looks of iTalc, since it's classroom oriented & Linux/Windows crossplatform on both server- and client-side. uVNC has some nice features. There's a neat Apache https-SSL xVNC bridge documented here: http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/

From: Peter Scheie <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2008 1:07:21 PM
Subject: Re: [school-discuss] Educational Killer App for OpenSource

Sorry, miscommunication on my part.  By 'OS-NX' I just meant a stripped down OS with NX running on top, not a specific project.  There is no project for this as far as I know.  (Hmm, perhaps I should start one.)

And no, I don't believe machines can PXE-boot over wireless.  That's one of the problems I was trying to point out.  The Coreboot project (formerly LinuxBIOS) may get to a point where wireless parameters could be set in the BIOS and used with the wireless chip to PXE boot, but I've not heard anything about them doing so.  And even if that does become possible, you still have the bandwidth issues caused by wireless being a shared medium.

Still, these are all just engineering problems...;-)


lee rodgers wrote:
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> *From:* Peter Scheie <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> *> However, I plan to explore putting the OS-NX onto a pico USB stick, and booting from that.  They're
>  > cheap, about  about $6 a piece right now.  That way, the techs can just crank out a whole bunch of the
>  > sticks, put them into the netbooks, and give some extras to the teachers.  When a student gets one
>  > that doesn't boot because the previous user managed to trash it (intentionally or otherwise), the teacher
>  > can just replace it with one of the extras.  Using USB sticks means the techs can prepare them without
>  > having to gather up all the netbooks, reducing their load.
> I googled for OS-NX, can't seem to find this project. I googled for OS-NX, can't seem to find this project. I assume it can boot anywhere in any hosted environment via any delivery/media infrastructure.
> So machines can PXE-boot over Wifi? Interesting!
> /leebert