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Re: [school-discuss] Educational Killer App for OpenSource

On Thu, Dec 25, 2008 at 08:07:28PM -0800, lee rodgers wrote:
>    I was thinking about the laptop hinge problem. I have a Dell with a
>    half-busted hinge. Reflecting on this last night I wondered if the laptop
>    is indeed a poor solution for K-12, just not durable enough. I wonder how
>    the OLPC machines will hold up.

The OLPC XO-1s are built like tanks, compared to typical consumer laptops.
My son has dropped ours from 3ft with no damage.  The keys cannot be yanked
off (like my and my wife's poor laptops... I'm missing Win and Tab keys).

He is, of course, only just 2 years old.  But let's just call him a
'stress tester.' :)