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Re: FOSS nonprofit (was: Re: [school-discuss] Taking requests

On Dec 21, 2008, at 10:33 AM, lee rodgers wrote:

Also, if anyone's already set up a 501c3 (USA nonprofit) to this end, I can possibly exploit a grant writing resource. I'm not sure how much time & effort would be entailed in such an effort, seems to me the answer here is a community approach. 
-- Lee

Lee -

  FYI - I have set up a 501 (c) (3) for just this purpose:


  The National Center for Open Source and Education (NCOSE) exists to promote the use of Free and Open Source Software in K-12 schools.  I would greatly appreciate any help with grant writing.  Several of the ideas you mentioned in your email (FOSS blogs, review system, FOSS training) are in the plan - we just need to find some funding to jump start them!

  This last year has been focussed on conferences (FOSSVT and Open Minds).  Hopefully, 2009 will be about rolling out more web-based outreach initiatives and FOSS curriculum creation - particularly as FOSS maps so well to the new ISTE NETS.  

  Any and all help and advice welcome.

Bryant Patten
Executive Director
The National Center for Open Source and Education
Post Mills, VT