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Cool! Re: [school-discuss] Introducing a new educational website using Moodle - nowthepathforward.us


So would you like to be the teacher/moderator for book club courses using Gutenberg and Librivox?  Since it is simply moderating a space and sort of timeless, you work with it whenever you like.

If so, email me at marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  and I will setup the course structures, name you as teacher, and email you a login and temporary password.  

Cool!!!  I know some folks at my favorite blog site who would be interested.

Hmmm . . . could we do it in French and English at the same time?

On 2017-12-05 13:10, Ania Lesca wrote:

Le 05/12/2017 à 19:55, marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a écrit :

I guess I would call this adult education?

http://nowthepathforward.us is a website designed to facilitate collaboration on pressing issues.  My initial motivation was sort of a desperate attempt to get gardening help for the inhospitable soil and climate of north central Texas.  :)

But also, it is like Les replied to David's question about OSS for iPads.

Folks have no idea about the issues. Lack of education or just don't care. It's a very large juggernaut rolling over us...

Les Richardson
Open Admin for Schools

We have a very large juggernaut rolling over us.

It seems like we (the world) need many solutions fast.

So, schoolforge folks . . . you are invited to participate if you like.


Great Marilyn,

I can contribute on several subjects, for example

* Reading Club: Classic Books at http://www.gutenberg.org/,

* Listening Book Club: Classic Audio Books at https://librivox.org/

since I wrote on Wikiversity using this material for French kids (literature public domain)

* https://fr.wikiversity.org/wiki/D%C3%A9partement:Litt%C3%A9rature_allophone/Le%C3%A7ons_par_niveaux

* https://fr.wikiversity.org/wiki/D%C3%A9partement:Alphab%C3%A9tisation