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[school-discuss] Re: Membership Entry Notification

Welcome to David Johnson and the South West (UK) LUG.

Schoolforge gained two and lost (I think) one in the past two weeks. 
That puts us at 48 members.

David Bucknell
Open Source Schools

On Sunday 03 February 2002 21:49, Seul/Edu Membership wrote:
> Name: South West (UK) Linux User Group
> Url: http://www.southwest.lug.org.uk
> Description: We are a Linux User group covering the South West of the UK.
> We have a section of the site devoted to Linux @ School and several
> experienced members of our mailing list who are involved in Linux in
> school. Contact: David Johnson
> Contact email:dj@david-web.co.uk
> Password: password