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Re: [school-discuss] [Fwd: Which way to go?]

I don't know what type of applications you have in mind....but I invite you
to visit sns.internetschools.org

This is the home site for Shadow netWorkspace(SNS). SNS is an intranet (open
source software system) with a number of applications including discussion
board, calendar..... But it is also an application development environment.
We hope that developers will see it as a framework for building applications
and thus become a platform or utility for sharing applications being
developed across different school districts.

I'd be glad to discuss this with you via the list or via direct email if you

Jim Laffey

On 2/15/02 9:18 AM, "Doug Loss" <drloss@suscom.net> wrote:

> Joshua gave me permission to forward this message to the list:
> Joshua Walton wrote:
>> Hello,
>> My name is Joshua Walton and I am the Multimedia Coordinator for the Eden
>> Prairie School District in Eden Prairie, MN. I am new to the position and I
>> am interested in establishing relationships in the educational world. >From
>> here on out I will be directing projects written in open source technologies
>> and our district may one day adapt Linux into the more of our classroom
>> environments (we have it in some).
>> So my thought is that as we are developing applications (mostly web based) we
>> don't want to be reinventing the wheel. What is the best resource for us to
>> trade open source projects with other school districts. Is this something
>> that your group drives towards or are you assisting in a level above this.
>> Does this make any sense?
>> We are looking for such a group and I hope that I am correct in understanding
>> that this is your vision.
>> best regards,
>> joshua walton
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