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[school-discuss] Linux connects to NT Server


I have a lab of dual boot workstations and want to connect them, on logon,
to their home folders on an NT2000 server. 

There are several solutions:
a) NIS add-on on NT2000 - this appears to be flaky, although we haven't
done much work with it.

b) Latest Samba has a PAM module to allow logging on the Windows domain.
  Using this we download a password file generated via perl script on
server. Using this password file we then mount the home folder of user.

However, I would like to use Slackware on the workstations, but it doesn't
support, at least natively, PAM. I may be forced to use Redhat instead.

Any ideas or comments?

Les Richardson
H. Hardcastle School
Edam, Sk. Canada