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Re: [school-discuss] Linux connects to NT Server

Les Richardson (richl@mail.tfsd.sk.ca) wrote*:
>I have a lab of dual boot workstations and want to connect them, on logon,
>to their home folders on an NT2000 server.
>There are several solutions:
>a) NIS add-on on NT2000 - this appears to be flaky, although we haven't
>done much work with it.

You probably already know NIS is not the securist way either. :(

>b) Latest Samba has a PAM module to allow logging on the Windows domain.
>  Using this we download a password file generated via perl script on
>server. Using this password file we then mount the home folder of user.
PAM module works great.  You could also auth in Samba using the Windows PDC.  This
would eliminate the extra stop of generating a perl script.

>However, I would like to use Slackware on the workstations, but it doesn't
>support, at least natively, PAM. I may be forced to use Redhat instead.

PAM is very supported in Red Hat. :)  Since I work for them, my opinion may be
slightly biased on what distro to use.  However, I can say if it's not in the PAM
modules we distribute, they can easily be modified.  I can also put you in contact
with our PAM expert within Red Hat, if needed.

>Any ideas or comments?
>Les Richardson
>H. Hardcastle School
>Edam, Sk. Canada