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Re: [school-discuss] Need URLs of useful Free Software to download

Dear Frederick,

I suggest you look at how big the question is at http://richtech.ca/seul/

I say this because Everyone has their favorites; I know I do -- witness:
http://iteachnet.org tools we use link 

Seul's and Ofset's cd projects may just provide you with the kind of critical
process to make your friends' bandwidth well-spent.

.05 centimes


Quoting FN <fred@bytesforall.org>:

> My friends have fat pipes to the Internet. They have offered to download
> useful distros / collections of Free Software. My own plan is to encourag
> the building up of 'CD Repositories' in Indian cities and towns, that can
> then help to efficiently share such CDs among those who don't have speedy
> connections to the Internet.
> What I badly need from you is: a set of URLs from where my friends could
> download the distros / software collections. Do send in a brief, one-para
> description of what the site contains, why it is a good distro, etc.
> We are also looking out specifically for educational software, Free
> Software for kids, tools for professionals (e.g. doctors, scientists),
> Free Software for the Windows platform (to convince those more reluctant
> to shift over), and also user-friendly distros.
> Thank you very much in advance. Let's make Free Software into what it
> really should be -- an effective mechanism for the transfer of knowledge
> to the Third World! Your help is needed... FN
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