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[school-discuss] Re: correction: Welcome three new groups to Schoolforge!

--- David Bucknell <david@members.iteachnet.org> wrote:
> Dear Colleagues,
> Sorry about that. I left out Michael Dupont's group affiliation. He
> is the
> representative for the Introspector project

Yes, the introspector project is a project that might help you if 
you are teaching c or c++ or java. It provides access to the basic
information about how the gcc represents the data of your program.  
I have been in contact with Gary Frederick from jsoft.com, he is
working on programming education software, and is evaluating using 
the introspector.

Another project that you will find interesting is the www.dotgnu.org 
that is creating a free implementation of the dot.net framework.

Currently I am joining schoolforge as a member of the introspector 
project. But I have also a larger agenda.I have just re-started my
formal education, via distance learning. The first installment of 
learning materials was in power point format!
After some thought, I have decided to start an effort to gather 
students together in lobbying for their rights. The other members of
the DotGNU project are interested in helping. We are looking to the 
Free software foundation for support on this, maybe you are 

My next step will be to convert the learning materials from my 
school into standard format.  Because I have to start from the 
beginnning of school again, I need to take a intro into c++.
I will also use the introspector as a way to help explain the basic 
c++ concepts, creating rdf/xml files and annotating them. You might 
be interested in this?


James Michael DuPont <mdupont777@yahoo.com>


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