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Re: [school-discuss] Fwd: I might have put an OOo wedge into this door

On Wednesday 05 February 2003 09:12 pm, Jim Anderson wrote:
>     First step, get mgmt familiar with an alternative to MS Office (on
> Windows) and make it available to the school districts we service; next
> step, maybe some niche installations of K12LTSP; further on down the
> road, some Linux print servers and Apache (either Windows, Linux or
> upcoming NetWare version); then, ... world domination!

Excallent! I think you can cascade it faster than that. (-:

Explain to them that they can hand this stuff (OOo) to their students to take 
home and install, for free, legally, on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Explain to them that there are many other such apps, which are sometimes not 
on par with commercial apps (GIMP vs PhotoShop, QCAD vs AutoCAD) and 
sometimes hammer more expensive commercial counterparts into the ground 
(Celestia, KDevelop, Blender3D). Suggest that there's no harm in trying them 
out for free, hand out copies of the GNUwinII CD (50c a disk, big budget 

Time to introduce Mozilla to replace IE and Outlook for security reasons.

Once they're used to those apps, switching the OS underneath them is a far 
more trivial task. Show them Knoppix, which they can boot from a CD without 
touching their hard drive, let them see how close to Windows KDE can look.

Of course, when you actually install Linux, it'll be with full Keramik, 
KFireworks3D, all stops out, no bell un-rung or whistle un-blown. (-:

Cheers; Leon