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Re: [school-discuss] More Progress! (infomercial update)


Hello, $20,000 is a rip off!! but there is a 75%+ profit margin on streaming media....I know I said I would talk with you more about it but I've been bogged down at work and in the process of changing jobs...I apologize..I can do the encoding in vaious formats (WM, real, quicktime) and i am in the process of playing with the ogg format (someone's suggestion) ...The only thing is setting up a Real server to serve out the Video on Demand.....having an embedded browser should be a few lines of code...It's nice that the Real server can serve out mms (Microsoft streaming protocol) too for those people who only have a windows media player and want to view our clip...do you have a test clip I can encode and show you the possibilities? ....let me know what your thoughts are


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From: David Bucknell <david@members.iteachnet.org>
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To: schoolforge-discuss@schoolforge.net,Charlie Cosse <ccosse@asymptopia.com>
Subject: Re: [school-discuss] More Progress! (infomercial update)
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 15:40:54 +0700

Last year, someone (a very nice person) offered to make a Web infomercial for us
that was really cool. Does anyone remember who that masked man was or can they
find the e-mail to show Charlie?

I don't know if it would be up to your standards, Charlie, but as I remember it
was _slick_ to me.

I'll try to overcome my decreasing memory space problems (in my head) so I can
remember where to look. Any help from bright whippersnappers with more remaining
synapses would be appreciated.


Quoting Charlie Cosse <ccosse@asymptopia.com>:

> David Bucknell wrote:
> > Dear Jim,
> >
> > Beautiful -- you and Lucy are the pin ups of the month IMHO. Your story
> would
> > make a _great_ series of slides for one of those info ads we've talked
> about.
> > Anyone want to do it?
> >
> > David
> >
> Hi David and Jim,
> just a quick infomercial update: i've been pursuing the infomercial idea
> in the last couple weeks -- Monday i finally spoke with a gentleman from
> On2.com regarding their VP5 Java encoder, which loaded into my browser
> and played high-quality video without any special plugins. Check it out
> at: http://www.on2.com/jplayer/index.php3
> But it costs $20,000 for the encoder!!! The idea of being able to view
> an infomercial through a browser still sounds good, so there's the JMF
> (Java Media Framework) -- but downloading the Linux version (blackdown)
> is currently disabled for approx 2 wks while Sun resolves some legal
> issue...it says on their site:
> (http://www.blackdown.org/java-linux/java2-status/jmf-status.html)
> The Vorbis/Ogg format stuff does not seem to be ready just yet, so I'm
> awaiting the JMF download from blackdown, and hope it fits-the-bill.
> Charlie Cosse

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