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Re: [school-discuss] More Progress! (infomercial update)

Hi Gerard, thanks for your mail! I experimented briefly with dumping
window captures during sessions using various applications -- the
results are sequentially numbered image files -- currently they
are into a non-standard .ppm format, but I can easily convert them
to whatever is convenient. Is that what you mean by a 'clip'?
I'll put something together for you asap. My thinking was to
demonstrate the most likely-to-be-widely-used applications via
actual recording of sessions (you probably already gathered that).
Fancy custom artwork isn't really my bag, so anyone who wants to
participate...please do! How much does a Real Server cost? Thanks,

Gerard Lam wrote:

Hello, $20,000 is a rip off!! but there is a 75%+ profit margin on streaming media....I know I said I would talk with you more about it but I've been bogged down at work and in the process of changing jobs...I apologize..I can do the encoding in vaious formats (WM, real, quicktime) and i am in the process of playing with the ogg format (someone's suggestion) ...The only thing is setting up a Real server to serve out the Video on Demand.....having an embedded browser should be a few lines of code...It's nice that the Real server can serve out mms (Microsoft streaming protocol) too for those people who only have a windows media player and want to view our clip...do you have a test clip I can encode and show you the possibilities? ....let me know what your thoughts are