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[school-discuss] Welcome MLUG to Schoolforge!

Dear Ed Wiget,

I'm writing to welcome you, as the representative of Maysville Linux Users
Group, to Schoolforge. We look forward to working with you to foster open
resources in and for education.

There are three membership requirements of which I must remind you.

First, please go to http://schoolforge.net/logos, choose a logo, copy it to your
site and place it prominently, linked to http://schoolforge.net.

Secondly, join schoolforge-discuss if you haven't yet:

You have been subscribed to schoolforge-core already.

Third, Participate. We each have our obligations and we all understand that. In
order to foster free software together, however, we must, obviously work
together. So, join in whenever you can.

Best wishes and, again, welcome to you and your group. Your organizations
members, are, by the way, encouraged to join the schoolforge-disucuss  list on
their own. We each belong to separate organizations but have only one rep each.

David Bucknell
for the Schoolforge Membership

Quoting Seul/Edu Membership <richl@seul.org>:

> Name: Maysville Linux Users Group
> Url: http://maysville-linux-users-group.com
> Description: MLUG serves northern Kentucky and southern Ohio.  We have 68
> active members.  We offer monthly meetings, person to person, telephone, and
> mailing list help.  We promote Linux and offer to educate new users.  
> Contact: Ed Wiget
> Contact email:ewiget@rhpstudios.com

> ==