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[school-discuss] Welcome RMA to Schoolforge

Dear Schoolforgers,

I am happy to say that the school in which I currently work has not only gone
all-open source, but that the director has given me permission to sign them up
for Schoolforge. That makes me their representative, but that's ok, our tech guy
(I'm curriculum and ICT "head" -- longer the title, the smaller the role :-)) is
hooked and spends as much time as he can fiddling with installations for our all
Linux school in 2003-2004.

I hope others can begin convincing their bosses to put their schools' names out
in public.

Here's our blurb, which I promise to cut down to a reasonable size:

Name: Rose Marie Academy
Url: http://www.rose-marie.ac.th
Description: <P>Rose Marie Academy is a small, private, English-medium pk-12
school in
Nonthaburi, Thailand, a suburb north of Bangkok. The school is committed to
individualized instruction with small class sizes and a personal, family-style
atmosphere. We endorse and use free and open source software as a means of
bringing high-quality, current tools to a schools while minimizing time and
money spent on purchasing, licensing and labor costs (for maintenance and
customization) low. Our goal is a sustainable ed-tech program that is congruent
with and complementary to the school''s educational mission.

<P>Currently, we have one co-hosted Debian-based server (iteachnet.org) for mail
and Web tools (courses (Manhattan), news/public site (Geeklog), extranet
(Mimerdesk), a library catalog (Koha), and Open Admin for Schools (OAfS).
Internally, we have an internal router-firewall (Slackware-based) that also does
filtering (Squid + Dansguardian) and NAT, and a file server (Slackware-based)
running Samba for 50 + Wintel clients. All server and client software in
classrooms is free software. Clients currently use Open Office, Mozilla, The
Gimp and a selection of freeware. We are actively experimenting with k12ltsp,
Blue Linux and other distributions with the intention of migrating all classroom
workstations to Linux using NFS and NIS by the start of the 2003-2004 school year.

<P>Simultaneously we are engaged in the development of our own curriculum which
will take advantage of and contribute to open materials based on the World Wide Web.
Contact: David Bucknell
Contact email:david@rose-marie.ac.th 
http://members.iteachnet.org/webzine *
http://opensourceschools.org *
http://schoolforge.net *
http://www.over-seas.com *
http://www.rose-marie.ac.th *