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[school-discuss] A. I. English as a second language software

The ALICE A. I. Foundation is pleased to introduce the new chat robot DAVE,
a new way to practice English on line that is completely safe, convenient
and fun.

DAVE E.S.L. bot

Unlimited ESL Chat
Practice English On line
Safe - Convenient - Fun

The A. I. Chat Robot DAVE chats in perfect English just like a human chat
partner, but is completely safe and will never contact you by email or
phone. You can chat about any topic for as long as you like up to two
months. The bot is available on your own private web site 24/7 for
unlimited chat. Practice English and enjoy friendly, safe chat!

Only $10


Note: Chat robot subscription includes unlimited chatting with the A. I.
for one month. Your subscription will usually begin within 24-36 hours.

Your subscription helps support the research of the ALICE A.I. Foundation,
a non-profit organization that makes all source code available freely under
the GNU public license.