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[school-discuss] using eVote in the school setting

Hi All,

I'm working with PR for eVote, now functional on Linux and Mailman. See the
news: http://evote.cloh.org/peeks/buzz.html

Here are some ideas as to how eVote could play at schools:

    + Faculty votes.
    Does the English Department have some issues to work about in a
democratic way.
    How about text book selections?

    + Civic's classes.
    Can you teach democracy by doing some democracy?

    + Student Government.
    Get the kids to vote for their issues, polls and leadership with eVote.

    + Community wide debates.
    Vote on changes concerning the dress code, student code of conduct,
field trips, optional activities, graduation speakers.

    + Best of selections.
    Homecoming King and Queens, best science fair projects, top teacher
honors, athlete of the year.

    + Petitions.
    Anyone insterested in Latin 2.


Mark Rauterkus
mark@Rauterkus.com  http://Rauterkus.com
http://CLOH.Org   http://Sunnyhill.org    http://www.Deliberate.com

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