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Re: [school-discuss] English as a second language software


we produce audio books in .mp3 format from texts in the gutenberg collection 
at http://www.etc-edu.com.  about 700+ books are currently available and we 
do 5-35 books a month, depending.

concordia u. is going to start producing books too.

at http://www.etc-edu.com

in downloads [left side of screen, second box down, second entry in "Modules"]

the cd-burnable book reader has 100+ books which it will read and display one 
line at a time, repeating as often as you like.

if it mispronounces anything, you can fix it :-)

you :

download it, then

burn it,  then

boot from it - it won't touch the hard drive.

not all soundboards work.

it's third release, with about 600+ users.

mike eschman, etc ...

On Monday 10 February 2003 10:30 pm, Richard Wraith wrote:
. We are looking for Open Source alternatives to two english teaching
. software packages.
. The two packages are:
. Tense Buster 2001
. http://www.clarity.com.hk/program/tensebuster.htm
. Click into English
. http://www.clarity.com.hk/program/clickintoenglish.htm
. We wish to use the software for students mastering english as a second
. language and install it in our computer labs that run Linux.
. Any pointers or possibilities to these two windows packages will be
. greatly appreciated.
. Cheers,
. Richard

(http://www.etc-edu.com ) Not just an afterthought ...